Uzumaki by Junji ito

Uzumaki is probably one of the best horror mangas that I have ever read. It stretches the boundaries of terror and leaves readers with a lasting impression. Uzumaki takes you on a horrific voyage into the depths of psychological anguish from the start, constructing a captivating and twisted narrative that captures both the imagination and the fear that lies within the human psyche.

The plot centers around the fictional village of Kurouzu-cho, whose residents eventually become infatuated with spirals in all their various forms. The manga’s core theme is the town’s plunge into spiral-induced craziness, which includes snail shells, whirlpools, and even human bodies deformed into spiral patterns. The odd and unsettling happenings become progressively unpleasant as the story proceeds, generating a sensation of dread that stays long after the final page.

However, Uzumaki’s story may feel disconnected at times. While it adds to the overall sense of bewilderment and disorientation, it may make it difficult for some readers to understand the plot or connect with the characters on a deeper level. Furthermore, the manga’s open-ended ending may leave some readers yearning for a more conclusive finish.

Nonetheless, Uzumaki is a captivating and terrifying book for horror fans. The skill of Junji Ito to create an atmosphere of unrelenting dread and portray it through engaging artwork distinguishes this manga. It is a disturbing voyage that delves into the deepest recesses of the human psyche, leading readers to question their own sanity. Uzumaki exemplifies Ito’s unrivaled skill for creating bizarre tales that stay in the imagination long after the book is finished.

I love this manga so much that I’m planning on making my first tattoo based on that GIF!







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