K-pop Music Genre


Before I was never interested in the K-pop genre of music. Nothing against it, I didn’t hate it. I just thought it wasn’t my type of music. The main K-pop groups I would constantly hear of were BTS and BlackPink and back them I had to admit, their songs were pretty good. But I never listened to them on my own, only with friends. But then quartine happened and it felt like I was going through multiple identity crises all at once. Then we started high school again back up and one of my closest friends was deep in the K-pop genre. So I asked her to put me on some K-pop music. I group she introduced me to was ATEEZ. At the time I was like “This is pretty good”. Again liking the songs but only listened when my friends were around.

So once I got into college and went on my spring break, I began watching a lot of ATEEZ content. I found out how funny they are. I stayed up countless nights just watching funny compilations of the group. And then I started to listen to their music more. And a whole other side of me came out…It was like I was reborn. Their music always has me out of my seat now.

After ATEEZ I started to get into BTS. Seeing as they are the #1 K-pop group in the WORLD. I started watching funny compilation videos again and they were hilarious. They even have their own show called Run BTS, it’s so entertaining. And then I started to listen to their music…Lemme just say this, I can see why they are the #1 K-pop group in the world. They literally paved the way.

It’s good to listen to new music that you’re not used to. You might find your next favorite song.







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