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  • Uzumaki by Junji ito

    Uzumaki is probably one of the best horror mangas that I have ever read. It stretches the boundaries of terror and leaves readers with a lasting impression. Uzumaki takes you on a horrific voyage into the depths of psychological anguish from the start, constructing a captivating and twisted narrative that captures both the imagination and […]

  • K-pop Music Genre

    Before I was never interested in the K-pop genre of music. Nothing against it, I didn’t hate it. I just thought it wasn’t my type of music. The main K-pop groups I would constantly hear of were BTS and BlackPink and back them I had to admit, their songs were pretty good. But I never […]

  • Playing The Sims 4

    Burnout and Comfort Life as a college student can be super overwhelming. The end of the semester means everyone is on a time crunch to finish last-minute work and get ready for finals. This is what I’m experiencing. The stress and anxiety if I’m going to pass classes and my finals. All the schoolwork took […]